Happy Summer Holidays!

So 4RF, we have come to the end of our time in Year 4. This has been the strangest year of my life as a teacher but I am very grateful that I get to be your teacher again in Year 5. Below is a sneak peek video of our classroom next year ….

I hope you have an amazing summer and spend time reading and being outdoors which is what I plan to do! See you in just a few weeks 4RF, stay safe!

Music with Rob!

Here is another awesome lesson from Mr Rob Kitchen in his kitchen!

A lesson all about drawing sound. You will listen to three pieces of music and draw in response to each one. It’s time to let your pen/pencil move to the music!

Miss Frobisher x

Story Time Wednesday

This week story is read to us by the lovely Mrs Hetherington. Enjoy!

Thanks for continuing to send in pictures and work that you’ve been up to at home. It really it fabulous to see! Here is a few samples:

Monday’s Blog Post

Good morning 4RF and welcome to Carnival Week. Time for face masks, carnival games and outdoor eating!

Why not take a walk down to the People’s Theatre? You’ll see our incredible artwork up in the window. We are so proud of you all.

Community Challenge – Cragside Together and Apart

This week it’s my Community Challenge! Linked to our Carnival Week, and to celebrate ‘Cragside: Together and Apart‘, we are going to revive The Chiming Tree in Paddy Freeman’s. The Friends of Paddy Freeman’s has agreed that we can decorate the tree.

Check out the document below as to how you get involved. If we work together, the tree can become magical again.

Monday’s Assembly

Roll Up! Roll Up! It’s Carnival Time!

Welcome 4RF to the final week of term. Next time I see you all, we will be 5RF and I don’t know about you but I can’t wait!

This week’s theme is Carnival! Normally at our End of Year Picnic we would celebrate our Cragside family in Carnival Style and this year is no different. You’ll find all kinds of carnival activities to do along with some very light literacy and some maths.

Here is your Daily Timetable and Carnival Activities to go along with the theme:

Literacy Work

This week’s literacy is all about jokes and crosswords. Below is a task sheet explaining what you should do on each day and then some worksheets to go with the tasks. I hope you have fun this week and I would love to hear some of your jokes!

Monday – Wednesday Worksheets

Thursday – Friday Worksheets

Maths Workhttps://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-4/

The lessons for this week are listed below. Remember the dates don’t match up because we started following the work set 2 weeks later than they were published. Please look at the previous work post’s if you need Week 10’s worksheets and answers.

Some of you have been keeping up to date with the maths work before the blog went live. These are below and you are on Week 12:

As always any questions, just comment on the blog or drop me an email to the yr4@cragsideprimary.co.uk.

Miss Frobisher x

Music and Art Activities!

More fantastic work both in school and at home:

Here is another awesome lesson from Mr Rob Kitchen in his kitchen!

Here are this week’s lessons:

Art Therapy

Here are your art therapy activities for this week. If you want to send through any of your creations, please feel free!

Hope you are having a great week 4RF!
Miss Frobisher x

Cragside Reading Forest Librarians!

Snoopy: I Love to Read

Do you love books? Can you help our Cragside Reading Forest to be a success? We are looking to recruit librarians to our Cragside Reading Forest Team. Below is the job description and application form. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then send your application to Miss Frobisher, by email rachel.frobisher@cragsideprimary.co.uk or send it to the school address by post.

Can’t wait to see how many applications we get back!

Story Time Wednesday

This week’s story is being told by Mrs Westwood and it’s another of my favourites. I love Mr Panda’s expression! Sit back, relax and enjoy …

Thanks for continuing to send in pictures and work that you’ve been up to at home. It really it fabulous to see! Here is a few samples: